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Work Experience

Work Experience for Year 10 Students

As an integral part of the Year 10 and 12 curriculums, your son/daughter will undertake a period of work experience during July 2024. The main objective is to give each student a good experience of an adult work environment. It will enable the students to put the knowledge and skills they have learnt in PD into practice in a real workplace situation.

Students will attend a work experience presentation where they receive their work experience pack. This would normally be done during a PD lesson or assembly.

Although students do not go on work experience until July 2024, the process has to start many months in advance in order for all paperwork and checks to take place to ensure your
son/daughter’s health, safety and welfare at the placement.

Finding a placement

In addition to their pack each student will receive a unique PIN number which will enable them to access the work experience database (Veryan Webview) where they will be able to search for placements

There are also a number of placements on the Cornwall County Council website that students can apply for and these are on then follow the link to Education and Learning > Education Business Partnership (EBP) > Work Experience.

I would strongly advise that if a placement has not already been found that one is secured as soon as possible. Many schools in the area are out on work experience during the same week. If students don’t start looking for a placement until nearer the deadline, they may be disappointed.

Please do not be tempted to take the form directly to the employer. The employer requires a pack from school detailing all their legal obligations whilst having a student on their premises.

Who to contact in school?

If you require any further information or if you need to talk to someone urgently about your
son/daughter whilst they are on placement then please contact: Mrs Tracey Parry (Careers Co-ordinator) on 01752 843715, x396 or email:

You can download below, a booklet entitled ‘Information for Parents/Carers’ which is produced by Cornwall Council which you are advised to read. There is also information on the Cornwall County Council website which you may find useful.