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Year 9 TEAM Week Monday 17th-Friday 21st July 2023

Dear Parent/Carer

Year 9 TEAM Week Monday 17th-Friday 21st July 2023

I am writing to you to give you some more specific information about the week. Can I please remind you about the voluntary contributions of £40 that are needed towards these activities for all trips to go ahead? Students must ensure that they are in the line-up by 8.35am every day so that they can register and go down to the bottom of the drive to catch the coaches, students will be back at 3.00pm every day. Sadly, any students that are not present at registration will miss the transport and be unable to take part in the external trips and will need to report to the hub.

Students are not required to wear uniform; however, suitable clothing will be needed. The essentials are a water bottle carrying at least 1 litre of juice/water. Students will also require a bag to carry a packed lunch with plenty of snacks to last all day, if a student is FSM they will have a packed lunch provided for the day trips and will need to collect this from the canteen. Students should bring sun cream and hat or waterproofs (weather dependent). Students must come prepared appropriately for all trips. If they are not, they will have to remain in school. It is advised not to bring any valuables as school will not take any responsibility for any valuables brought along. If any student has prescription inhalers, they must bring them with them, this will be checked. Any other medication must be clearly labelled and handed into their group leader.

The plan is below, we will be using Smiths and CJ Down coaches:

  Group A-9FAS, 9LAS, 9REB & 9AMR Group B-9JBW, 9EDV, 9GEJ & 9FSL
Monday Mount Edgcumbe Camel Creek
Tuesday Camel Creek Mount Edgcumbe
Wednesday School-Military or Design and do. Plymouth Faith Trail
Thursday Plymouth Faith Trail School-Military or Design and do.
Friday Crealy Adventure Park-Exeter Crealy Adventure Park-Exeter

Mount Edgcumbe -Students will always be in groups for this day and with staff members, they will be undertaking a range of sporting activities ran by our PE Department. Students will need to bring a packed lunch and be prepared for any weather.

Camel Creek and Crealy - students can bring a small amount of money (no more than £20) with them but will have to ensure they retain responsibility for this themselves; staff will not be able to be responsible for any belongings that students choose to bring. Students will have some time to go around the parks in small groups with teachers being positioned around the park for support as well as regular sign in times.

In school DT Design or Army Pursuits - Students will be in school for this day and have been given the choice between an Army assault course day and a sustainable textile design day.

Plymouth Faith Trail - Following some brief in school research, students will start the day with a tour of the historical Plymouth Synagogue. We will have a quick stop for lunch at the Unitarian church before walking to the mosque known as PIET (Plymouth Islamic Education Trust). We advise sensible footwear and would respectfully ask that Year 9 dress modestly for this activity. Head coverings are not essential, but anyone wishing for a more immersive experience may wish to bring one.

It is important that all students follow all instructions given, poor behaviour will not be tolerated as it could compromise the safety of your child and others. Please ensure you have completed the on-line consent form and that you have updated your contact details so that we can contact you during the day if a problem does arise and a student needs to be collected from a venue. Please click on the link to complete.

We are looking forward to an exciting week and hope that your child is ready to get stuck into some fun activities! As always email me at or the Year 9 hub or if you have any questions. Thank you for your ongoing support

Yours faithfully

Mrs E Gue & Mrs E Metters