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Year 7 TEAM Week Monday 17th-Friday 21st July 2023

Dear Parent/Carer

Year 7 TEAM Week Monday 17th-Friday 21st July 2023

I am writing to give you some more specific information about TEAM week, especially the arrangements for the trips that are part of the week. Can I please remind you about the voluntary contributions of £28 that we have requested towards these activities? Payment can be made on parent pay if you have not already paid. Students must ensure that they are in the line-up by 8.35am so that their tutors can register them and get them onto the correct coach on trip days. Sadly, any students that are not present at registration will miss the transport and be unable to take part in the external trips. Students will travel using Tamar Travel and the coaches will depart from the front of the school and will return to the back of the school by 3.00pm. Students are not required to wear uniform on Monday, Wednesday or Friday and will need to bring PE Kit on Thursday; however, suitable clothing will be needed. The essentials for the trips are:

  • Walking boots, or waterproof trainers, wellies (with perhaps a change of socks) – Dartmoor.
  • Long trousers and full-length tops are essential for Dartmoor, (to protect against the weather and against insect/tick bites) - A t-shirt underneath (no strappy tops please) will also help temperature control – Dartmoor.
  • A water bottle carrying at least 1litre of juice/water – Both trips.
  • Students will also require a bag to carry a packed lunch with plenty of snacks to last all day. If a student is FSM they will be provided with a packed lunch when on day trips - Both trips.
  • Sun cream and hat or waterproofs (weather dependent) and a pencil or pen - All Days.

Students must come prepared appropriately for both trips. If they are not, they will have to remain in school. It is advised not to bring any valuables; school will not take any responsibility for any valuables brought along. If any student has prescription inhalers, they must bring them with them, this will be checked. As with any other medication, this must be clearly labelled and handed in to their form tutor.

The A Half of the year (ACW, CEA, JHH & JKP) will go to Dartmoor on the Monday and Crealy Exeter on the Wednesday. The B Half of the year (DJT, GCY, AEF & HHG) will go to Crealy Exeter on the Monday and Dartmoor on the Wednesday.

On Dartmoor students will spend the day in supervised groups, at all times, walking on tracks and moorland, visiting various locations of special scientific interest around the area. There will be no shops so no money is needed, and students must be well prepared (see above). Students can bring a small amount of money (no more than £15) to Crealy, Exeter however, we cannot take any responsibility for any loss of money or for purchases made. Students will have some time to go around the park in small groups at Crealy with teachers being positioned around the park for support as well as regular sign in times. However, if you would like your child to be part of a group which goes around the Theme park with an adult please email myself or Mrs Feldwick, so that we can organise this support.

It is important that all students follow all instructions given, poor behaviour will not be tolerated as it could compromise the safety of your child and others. Please ensure that you have updated your contact details so that we can contact you during the day if a problem does arise and a student needs to be collected from a venue. When in school, normal school expectations will be in place on these days. They will be given all information needed on the morning of activities.

As you are already aware, we have taken the decision as it is the last day, to close the school for students in school at 1.20pm on Friday 21st July. School buses will not run at this time and will run at the usual time of 3.00pm as there are other students out on trips on this day. Please click on the following link to complete the form should you need your son/daughter to stay in school until 3.00pm

We are looking forward to an exciting week and hope that your child is ready to get stuck into some fun activities! As always email me at or head of year if you have any questions. Thank you for you for your ongoing support.

Yours faithfully

Mrs E Gue & Mrs A Feldwick