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Saltash Community School Partners with Safer Saltash to Help Eradicate Drugs in the Community

Saltash Community School is delighted to collaborate with Safer Saltash, a community partnership that includes the Devon and Cornwall Police, in a joint effort to eliminate drugs from the community. We believe it is important to support this initiative to ensure a safe environment for our young people to grow and thrive in.

As part of our Personal Development curriculum, we welcomed a passive dog unit to tour our school and help ensure that we remain a drug-free zone. Our positive culture of safeguarding has been recognised by Ofsted, and we are committed to fulfilling our responsibility to support the town's priorities.

During their visit, the Police commended our students for their responsible behaviour, and we are pleased to report that no drugs were found on our premises. We will continue to work with our partners in the Police and the wider community, and we have arranged assemblies after half-term to raise awareness of the issue.

If you have any concerns about drug use in our community, please don't hesitate to contact the Police or the school to discuss your concerns. At Saltash Community School, we are proud to be part of TEAMSaltash and will do what we can to help make our community a safer place.